Our Commitments

Our essential oils are made from carefully selected organic biomasses certified by Ecocert Canada and AgroBoréal.

Our manufacturing method combines an in-depth scientific and technological approach with a traditional water-based distillation method that respects the environment. Our dedicated team ensures that every manufacturing step is executed with precision.

Rigorous analyzes for impeccable quality

Our oils are subject to a rigorous quality system, consisting in the development of a phytochemical profile to know the composition of the oils.

Once the essential oils are obtained and quickly stored in clean containers without the addition of chemicals, they are analyzed by chromatography to assess the terpene profile. This analysis is carried out by gas chromatography coupled with a mass spectrometer, allowing efficient separation of the compounds followed by a very precise analysis.

All of these steps are taken to ensure that the end product meets high quality standards.


Environmental value and responsibility

Our products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada. In addition, harvesting and processing are ISO 14001 certified, which guarantees environmental responsibility and our contribution to sustainable development. Our corporate values include respect for workforce, equality, ecology, cooperation and innovation.

Our essential oils also have other certifications that deepen our environmental responsibility and eco-conscience initiatives. Because we make respect for the environment a central action in our approach, we focus on the use of organic and renewable biomass.


Our certifications



Ecocert is an independent certification body. This label guarantees that the products, sold in retail stores, are from organically grown and traditional fair trade commerce.


Organic Canada

Regulated by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), this logo may only be displayed on products containing a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. Our products contain 100% organic ingredients and are therefore certified "Organic Canada".
> https://www.canada-organic.ca



USDA Organic

The Borealis line of products are registered with the North American organic certification body USDA organic.
> https://www.usda.gov/topics/organic


European Union organic label

The products in our line are also registered with the European organic certification body guaranteeing organic farming of exported products.
> https://ec.europa.eu/info/food-farming-fisheries/farming/organic-farming_en



This certification ensures that our essential oils come from a know-how in our northern regions and have a character directly associated with the boreal region.
> https://agroboreal.com



S•Sens Aroma™ uses only Printreleaf certified paper for the packaging of its products.

PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) is an organization and technology platform connecting consumers of paper-based products with global reforestation projects to reforest their paper consumption. This certification demonstrates our commitment to replant trees equivalent to our paper consumption using global reforestation partners certified by printreleaf.
> https://printreleaf.com